Welcome! My name is April and I want to thank you for stopping by my website and being curious about Wild Temple natural creations.


I started experimenting with making natural perfumes a few years ago. It began as a hobby and a creative outlet and has grown into something that I'd like to share with other like-minded folks.

 I have always been drawn to creating natural fragrances and I'm thoroughly intrigued at how powerful our olfactory senses are at evoking emotions and memories. In fact, I still have the very first bottle of perfume I was given when I was young, and even though the perfume is mostly gone I still like to open the bottle and smell it to bring back memories of my childhood and the Christmas that I was gifted the perfume.

I have a deep personal interest in


The origin and history of perfumes goes back many centuries with the use of naturally sourced products from resins, woods and flowers, and has evolved now to where most commercial fragrances are made from synthetics.

I'm interested in going back the natural origins of fragrance and exploring the complexity and subtle nuances of naturally sourced materials.

Natural perfumes have the benefit of reducing the chemical load on your body as well as reaping the benefits of healing properties of the essential oils and natural elements they contain.

I now feel very excited to share with you some of my favourite perfume creations.

Each product is made to order from 100% all natural ingredients.